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DJ For All Your Parties

DJ Savage for weddings, private parties, corporate functions, and special events.

DJ Services

Contact us if you're interested in one of these services or need a DJ for any special event.


DJ Savage

Your special event needs just the right sound to get the party started. DJ Savage has the right equipment, tracks, and vibe to make sure everyone has a great time. Shane was spinning since 2005 and with experience playing the music of all genres at all kinds of events, he got just what you need to make your next wedding, anniversary party, or corporate event one your guests will never forget. 

Audience at a Concert

What People Say About Us

Teonica Johnson

I wanna thank EVERYONE that came out to celebrate my wedding reception/1st anniversary!! It means so much to me the love you all showed. Thank you to the vendors as well: Shane DjSavage Dawkins you did a great job as a DJ/mc, you kept the party going effortlessly.

Teonica Johnson_edited.jpg

DJ Savage On Instagram

Perfect for weddings, private parties, corporate functions, and special events, I am a Tennessee-based Wedding DJ offering exactly what you need to put on a great show. You can count on me to play the music you love and that your audience wants to hear. I’ve been a professional Wedding DJ since 2000.

I'm serving the following areas:
Nashville, Tn - Memphis, Tn - Chattanooga, Tn - Atlanta, GA - Huntsville, AL - Bowling green, KY - Louisville, KY - Virginia - Cincinnati, Ohio - Clarksville, Tn - Knoxville, Tn - Birmingham, AL

I'm ready to provide the musical ambiance needed to create the atmosphere your event requires. Let me know what you’re looking for by contacting me.

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